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Google Newsでみる医師不足 2020年2月29日

Google Newsでみる医師不足 2020年2月29日
Google (日本語) での検索件数 _ _ _ キーワード 医師不足 361,000
Google (English) での検索件数 _ _ _ Key word: Doctor shortage 517,000
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West Coast DHB recruitíng 'rural generalists' to solve doctor shortage
Stuff.co.nz-Feb 27 2020 (ニュージーランド)

The West Coast DHB is planning to tackle a shortage of hospital doctors with a new breed of medics: Rural generalists.
The Association for Salaried Medical Staff (ASMS) released a staffing survey this month, revealing what it called "a whopping 43 per cent shortfall of senior doctors" at the DHB.
Five out of eight heads of department at the West Coast DHB said they did not have enough specialists for their services and estimated they were eight doctors short.

UH Considers Expanding Medical School to Maui Amid Doctor Shortage
Maui Now-2020/02/23 (米国 ハワイ州)

To combat Hawai'i's worsening physician shortage, the University of Hawai'i is proposing to expand its John A. Burns School of Medicine to Maui. According to the University, Hawaiʻi is short more than 800 physicians, and shortages are most severe on the neighbor islands.
Maui County is in need of 153 doctors.
Some patients on Maui are forced to wait up to six months for an appointment or opt to postpone treatment.

'We simply don't have enough': Hospitals turn to temporary doctors to cover physician shortage
Washington Times-2020/02/25  (米国 ワシントンDC)

A survey of health care facilities found that 85% had used temporary doctors in the past year to fill in gaps caused by a national shortage of physicians. “Virtually every hospital in the United States now uses locum tenens doctors [temporary physicians],” said Jeff Decker, president of Staff Care, the health care staffing firm that conducted the survey. “They have emerged as a key part of the medical workforce in an era of physician shortages and evolving delivery models.”
An estimated 52,000 doctors, about 6% of all active and licensed physicians, worked on a temporary basis in 2019, the survey found.

Facing Doctor Shortage, Will California Give Nurse Practitioners More Authority to Treat Patients?
Lost Coast Outpost-2020/02/13 (米国 カリフォルニア州)

As California faces a growing shortage of primary care physicians, the Legislature is considering what backers believe could be a partial solution: allowing nurse practitioners who get additional training and certification to work independently. With that additional authority, they could treat patients without a “practice agreement” from a supervising physician outlining what they can do. It also would allow some nurse practitioners to open their own clinics without a doctor overseeing them.

West Coast DHB recruiting 'rural generalists' to solve doctor shortage
RNZ-2020/02/26 (ニュージーランド)

Five out of eight heads of department at the West Coast DHB said they did not have enough specialists for their services and estimated they were eight doctors short. At its meeting this month, the DHB said the vacancies were covered by locum physicians, but its long-term plan was to train up and appoint rural generalist consultants to fill the roles.
They would be doctors with specialist and general skills who could work flexibly across the rural health system with specialist backup, chief executive David Meates said.

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