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Google Newsでみる医師不足 2019年8月1日

Google Newsでみる医師不足 2019年8月31日
Google (日本語) での検索件数 _ _ _ キーワード 医師不足 過去一か月のニュース 11,400
Google (English) での検索件数 _ _ _ Key word: Doctor shortage, past month 43,800
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https://qz.com/1676207/the-us-is-on-the-verge-of-a-devastating-doctor-shortage/The US is on the verge of a devastating, but avoidable doctor shortage
Quartz-2019/07/30 (米国)

In 1997, President Bill Clinton was coming off a convincing reelection effort and presiding over a booming economy. Tax revenues were surging, and the federal budget deficit was falling. During the preceding two years, the annual deficit had shrunk from $164 billion to just $22 billion. For the first time in a generation, a federal budget surplus seemed like a real possibility....

Pennsylvania is running out of doctors; patients are dying and there is no remedy in sight
York Daily Record/Sunday News 7:52 a.m. ET Aug. 1, 2019 (米国 ペンシルバニア州)

WellSpan Health wasn't cited in state reports for an injury or death related to a shortage. But the largest healthcare provider in York County acknowledges it is one of many in Pennsylvania that doesn't have enough doctors to care for its patients.
So many doctors are needed that WellSpan Health executives can't give an exact number.

Rural Wisconsin clinics braced for primary care doctor shortage.
WTMJ-TV-2019/07/30 (米国ウィスコンシン州)

Demand for primary care doctors is growing due to an aging population, but the supply of such physicians is struggling to keep up. Those findings were part of a report from the Wisconsin Council on Medical Education and Workforce . It found that demand for primary care doctors will increase by roughly 20% and eventually "outpace projected supply," by 2035.

I was a military doctor. The Pentagon's plan to cut doctors will make whole system worse.
USA TODAY-2019/07/18 (米国)

The United States is facing a serious doctor shortage. As a retired military physician employed by the UNC health care system in North Carolina, we are constantly dealing with the consequences of too few physicians. It has taken us one year to find a qualified doctor for our practice, although we are actively recruiting and paying tens of thousands of dollars in commissions to find one physician. I am considering retirement but we want a physician as well trained as I am to replace me. The military still produces similar providers, but there are already too few of us to go around.

Could an army of female 'tele-medics' solve Pakistan's chronic doctor shortage?.
Telegraph.co.uk-2019/07/31 (英国、パキスタン)

The firm called Sehat Kahani has set up a tele-health network allowing female doctors to give consultations while working part time and not leaving their homes. The network is now being used by one of Prince Charles' charities to improve mental health treatment in Pakistan.


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