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Google Newsでみる医師不足 2017年3月31日

Google Newsでみる医師不足 2017年3月31日
Google (日本語) での検索件数 _ _ _ キーワード 医師不足 過去一か月のニュース 6,150
Google (English) での検索件数 _ _ _ Key word: Doctor shortage, past month 16,100
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Proposed OK Bill Intends To Help Rural Doctor Shortage With Tax Breaks
Oklahoma’s Own News : On 6. Mar 31, 2017 12:05 PM JST (米国、オクラホマ州)

A bill making its way through the Oklahoma Legislature could help fight the state's health care shortage, especially in rural areas. If passed, House Bill 2301 would give rural doctors an income tax break of $25,000 a year. It's an incentive that Oklahoma desperately needs.

Doctor shortage could hurt Ohio rural areas
Randy Tucker Staff Writer
Dayton Daily News‎ 9:32 a.m. Wednesday, March 29, 2017 (米国、オハイオ州)

President Donald Trump's travel ban could exacerbate a looming shortage of primary care doctors in the United States, which may hit the Dayton area harder than other regions because of its high concentration of medically under-served areas that have historically attracted foreign-born doctors.

Fruitland native to help fill doctor shortage in rural Idaho
Morgan Boydston, KTVB 2:02 PM. MDT March 30, 2017 (米国、アイダホ州)

FRUITLAND -- Idaho has suffered from a lack of doctors for years, especially in rural parts of the state. Our shortage can be attributed to a number of things: from lower salaries, to a lack of a medical school, to the fact that Idaho is so rural, which makes it tough to recruit and retain physicians in those areas.

Rural doctor shortage: GPs considered 'lesser beings'
Radio New Zealand‎ - 8:41 am on 29 March 2017 (New Zealand)

He said being the only doctor within an hour's drive might deter some, but it made life fun. "One of the ... The shortage of rural doctors drove the Waikato District Health Board and Waikato University to propose a new graduate medical school.

Doctor Deficit: HSC experts tackle doctor shortage issue
By: Reece Nations, Staff Writer
The Daily Toreador - Mar 28, 2017 Updated Mar 28, 2017 (米国、テキサス州)

The demand for physicians has intensified nationwide, and it has led some communities to experience doctor shortages. According to a 2017 study conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges, by the year 2030, the U.S. will face a shortage of between 40,800 and 104,900 physicians.

(他に10位以内のニュースは、米国 (Assoc Amer Med Coll (2), Amer Coll Rheumatol, )、米国・オハイオ州、カナダ・ブリティッシュコロンビア州、からも)

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