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Google Newsでみる医師不足 2015年3月31日

Google Newsでみる医師不足 2015年3月31日
Google (日本語) での検索件数 _ _ _ キーワード 医師不足 過去一か月のニュース  36400
Google (English) での検索件数 _ _ _ Key word: Doctor shortage, past month 81,400

First 5 in Google in English 

Medical community looks local to stem doctor shortage
Buffalo News-3 時間前 (米国ニューヨーク州)
When Gina Sparacino finishes her doctor training, she'll follow her dream to work as an orthopedic surgeon in Buffalo. “The doctor shortage is real – it's significant – and it's particularly serious for the kind of medical care that our aging population is going to need,” Dr. Darrell Kirch, the association’s president, said in a statement.

Heck tells lawmakers he's working on Nevada's doctor shortage
Las Vegas Review-Journal-13 時間前 (米国ネバダ州)
Kathy Castor, D-Fla, will help ease doctor shortages. “I think everyone in the chamber tonight agrees that a healthier Nevada is a better Nevada,” Heck said. “While the Affordable Care Act allowed more people to obtain health insurance, we know that access to health insurance does not mean access to health care.”

U.S. Doctor Shortage Could Hit 90000 By 2025
“The physician shortage will grow over the next 10 years under every likely scenario,” Kirch said. “Because training a doctor takes between five and 10 years, we must act now, in 2015, if we are going to avoid serious physician shortages in 2025. The solution requires a multi-pronged approach: continuing to innovate and be more efficient in the way care is delivered, as well as increased federal support for graduate medical education to train at least 3,000 more doctors a year to meet the health care needs of our nation’s growing and aging population.”

A Faster, Better, Cheaper Path To Filling The Doctor Shortage
In short, these dramatic reductions in our state's doctor shortage could be achieved far faster and less expensively than trying to solve the problem through an increase in the number of physicians coming out of the medical school pipeline.

Medical schools predicts a doctor shortage米国カリフォルニア州)
Medical schools say the industry is facing a crisis, a growing number of students are opting out of medical school, just as more doctors retire. Students are faced with a huge debt because of education costs. The average medical student owes about $180,000 to $200,000 at the time of graduation.

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