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Google Newsでみる医師不足 2014年11月30日

Google Newsでみる医師不足 2014年11月30日
Google (日本語) での検索件数 _ _ _ キーワード 医師不足 過去一か月のニュース  4,010
Google (English) での検索件数 _ _ _ Key word: Doctor shortage, past month 141,000

First 5 in Google in English 

Doctor Shortage Looming? Maybe Not
NPR Berlin-2014/11/18(ドイツ)
Others point out that the shortage isn't just about the absolute numbers of doctors needed. The demographics of the physician workforce are important, too, says Dr. Andrew Bazemore, who studies the primary care workforce for the Robert Graham Center, a think tank created by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Some Experts Dispute Claims of Looming Doctor Shortage
HCPLive-2014/11/26 (Health Care Professionals) (米国)
But others, particularly health care economists, are less convinced. “Concerns that the nation faces a looming physician shortage, particularly in primary care specialties, are common,” wrote an expert panel of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in a report on the financing of graduate medical education in July. “The committee did not find credible evidence to support such claims.” - See more at:

Is the U.S. really facing a serious doctor shortage?
PBS NewsHour-2014/11/24 米国
You hear it so often it’s almost a cliché: The nation is facing a serious shortage of doctors, particularly doctors who practice primary care, in the coming years.
But is that really the case?

Many medical groups, led by the Association of American Medical Colleges, say there’s little doubt. “We think the shortage is going to be close to 130,000 in the next 10 to 12 years,” says Atul Grover, the group’s chief public policy officer.

New Answers Will Be Needed to Cure America's Doctor Shortage
Huffington Post-2014/11/20 米国
Through the years, there has often been a shortage of doctors in rural America with many communities having only one doctor, some not even that. That's because twenty percent of the population lives in rural areas, but only nine percent of the nation's doctors work there. These days, though, the shortage is not confined to rural communities; it's also affecting cities and the suburbs.

WNY health leaders take broad view as they address doctor shortage
Buffalo News-2014/11/08 (米国、ニューヨーク州)
The dire news released earlier this year when it came to the shortage of primary care doctors in Western New York came as no surprise to Dr. John Fudyma. Fudyma is a clinical associate professor and chief of general internal medicine at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine, and an associate medical director at Erie County Medical Center.

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